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Strength in Scripture

Introduction to the 10 Commandments

Today we begin the series on 10 Commandments. The commandments are more than a list of DOs and DON’Ts, while many agree that it isn’t right to steal or to kill. But what gives them that moral intuition? How can a person know what’s right and what’s wrong? the Bible...

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Strength in Scripture

Give Back!

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection on past year! The Strength In Scripture team is grateful for every blessing the Lord provided and we want to share this blessing with You. Psalms 107:1-3 “Oh give...

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Better Than A Vaccine & Stronger Than COVID-19 / Personal Health

Did you know that there is a cure, treatment or antidote that is 100% effective and preventing and curing he most deadly virus ever known to mankind? Watch the learn more! Follow us: Subscribe: Thank you to all of our generous supporters! To learn more about the...