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Deliverance From Destruction – The Study Group

Welcome to The Study Group. Join us as we answer the following questions .Is it just for God to Destroy the wicked? Why does the curse of sin get passed down from generation to generation? and how can we be delivered from this destruction? Also follow us on our social...

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Strength in Scripture

ASSURANCE of Salvation

The Full Assurance Of Salvation In Christ. How can you be sure you're going to heaven after you die? Follow us: Subscribe: Thank you to all of our generous supporters! To learn...
Strength in Scripture

Defining Your Mission & Life Work

In this video we are analyzing the mission and lifework of Christ and identifying ways how today we can continue to carry His mission and lifework. Follow us: Subscribe: Thank you to...

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Health Lectures

Holiday Vegan Desserts

Cooking Class By Vera Schiopu Discover the basic principles of making a dairy-free cake. Learn how to make a raw berry cake. Learn the secret of making tiramisu without cholesterol. Vera is an accomplished pianist and music teacher. She enjoys baking vegan desserts as a hobby....