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THESE DAYS || Spoken Word || Jared Chapman || ONE GLORY


Many people today are unfulfilled, living without a purpose to life. Please SHARE with your friends to spread the message around!

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“Today when I look around at this world we call home, it’s not a pretty place. Every day I read the news or look through social media I see a society that has lost its purpose, the very reason why humanity was created to live. Selfishness is the word of the day, there are too many I’s….and not enough us’. It seems everyone is in pursuit of chasing their dreams and doing whatever it takes to please themselves. Humanity has become trapped in world that revolves around self…..a world that is unable to consider the well-being of others. People have become slaves to fashion where the priority in life is how they look, the brand of clothes they wear, the cars they drive….Sadly these pursuits only lead to a life void of true happiness and fulfilment. Unfortunately people have sought to find “happiness” in drugs and alcohol. But these depressants only provide a short high and then reality sets in. Today depression is rapidly increasing, everyone is on a chase for love and happiness but can’t seem to find it. Love has gone missing, it no longer lasts the tests of time. Greed and selfishness have taken over, today there are countries dying from starvation and poverty while celebrities are living it up in their houses and mansions. Today suicide rates are at an all-time high….looking all around me all I can ask is why, why?

Well if you’re searching for an answer, a reason why you live, let me tell you!

You were created in the image of God……but who is God?

Well “God is love”, meaning God is a being of pure selflessness where his sole reason for existence is giving……and you were created for the same purpose….giving!!

While we were chasing selfish dreams and desires that only led to unfulfilled lives, Jesus came to show you and me a better way, to give you a purpose….

He found true happiness and fulfilment as he lost sight of himself and became fully engrossed in the work of saving of lost humanity…
Today you can find peace and happiness in a life of selflessness and giving to others……That’s why Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Jared Chapman

Filmed and Edited by Sam Young

Music Credit: Abel Mendoza

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