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Health Nugget: The Power of Choice


In this New Year, try to challenge your brain to think about the minutest details!

Have you ever thought to yourself: How will I spend the next 5 minutes or $5? We often put much thought into large investments or planned vacations, but let the little pieces of our lives slip without a second thought. It seems like our brain is on autopilot, cruising through life! But are we wasting brain matter?

Our brain is largely composed of the frontal lobe, the conscious hardwire. The frontal lobe has a “real-estate” of 35% in the human brain. It is wired to help us reason from cause to effect, judge between right and wrong, better or worse. Its wiring can be strengthened through daily use, mental push-ups, if you will. By pre-planning our daily attitude, words, activities, and even meals consistent with our faith and values, we release neurotransmitters in our brain, which create new connections and pathways.

We live in an era of hundreds, if not thousands, of choices, but we rarely use our brain to its full capacity. In this New Year, try to challenge your brain to think about the minutest details! Let us ask ourselves, what would the Lord want me to do with my time each morning? What would the Lord have me converse with my coworkers? How would my Lord desire I use my thoughts, words, actions, and talents in the next 5 minutes? How should I prioritize the health of my body and soul?

By using our frontal lobe, we will learn to act from principle and not react to our circumstances. We will find more time and wisdom for the important things in life: such as healthy eating, adequate exercise, and balancing our work and rest.

“I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.” Psalms 32:8

Ophelia Gherman
Source: Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement General Conference.