Strength in Scripture

Channel Update: December goal – reach 500 subscribers by 2018!


First of all we want to thank God and thank you all for your continuous prayers and support.

Understanding and applying the Word of God in our daily life is what Strength In Scripture is all about. We love the Bible, and we know that the more we understand God’s word the more equipped we are to live a life that honors God and allows us to live life as God desired for us, thus living a more fulfilled life.

Our goal in carrying the message of hope and love to the world through an emphasis on compassion and Christian service has not changed. In Season 1 we brought you short studies which were designed to walk you through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, to give you a greater understanding of God’s story and His love for us.

We are now going through all of parables of Christ, which make up a substantial part of the recorded preaching of Jesus.

Our team is working on new projects, new ways of sharing the Good News! We are starting a new interview series, where we will discuss different bible topics on a more personal level.

Through media, and projects like Strength In Scripture we can make sure the Gospel reaches every nation. Technology reaches into countries where missionaries simply can’t go. But to make this happen, to continue spreading the gospel throughout the entire world we need your support. With your help we can make it possible!

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