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Grace Unveiled on Calvary // Personal Development


Why was the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary so essential for the life and work of Paul and why is it so vital for our salvation today? Without the death of Christ on the cross, there would be no salvation at all.

Why not?

When we consider the New Covenant, the Covenant of Grace, we understand that even though this covenant was an everlasting covenant, it is called the New Covenant because its validity depended on the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary.

God couldn’t forgive sinners at the expense of His justice. Sin must be punished with eternal death. Since the broken law of God is an eternal law, only the Creator could pay the price of its transgression. It is true that grace started working on the same day man disobeyed the Lord, because Christ offered Himself to pay the penalty for sin on the same day. But the assurance of grace depended on His victory on the cross.

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